As the cold weather creeps in, and the festive season draws near, it’s time to clear out the gutters and prepare your home for winter.

From unwelcome drafts to unexpected leaks, winter can bring with it a host of seasonal nasties for older homes, which is why we’ve pulled together our top tips for winter preparation.

– Does your home have double-glazing? In our experience, this is the first step to increasing energy efficiency, reducing costs and making sure your home stays toasty warm in the winter months.

– Around a quarter of the heat in your home is lost through the roof! Like Countryside homes, keep your house warm with good loft and wall insulation to prevent your heating system from over-working unnecessarily and reduce your bills at the same time.

– Keeping your heating at a constantly mild temperature even when you are away makes sure your pipes don’t freeze, so you can avoid any nuisance leaks.

– Having back up is the reassurance you need if anything does go wrong. Make sure your home insurance policy is up to date in the unlikely event that it’s needed.

– New build homes are up to 200% more energy efficient than older homes, meaning you can say goodbye to chilly draughts. To avoid any unwanted breeze in your old home, invest in some draught excluders for your doors to keep the hot air in and the cold air out.

– Having a new energy-efficient boiler is the best way to keep peace of mind in the winter. If your boiler is old, make sure it is serviced before the chill sets in.

– If your radiators are colder at the top then it’s likely that they have trapped air inside them. Bleed the radiators to release the air.

– Switching energy suppliers can help to reduce your bills year-round, so shop around for the best tariff.

– Ensure that your gutters are free from leaves to minimise water blockage.


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