Merseyside homeowners have been revealed as the most likely North West residents to cancel plans with friends in favour of a cosy night to themselves!

Last month, we set out to discover how many of the region’s residents believe that there’s ‘no place like home’, with a whopping 82%* of Merseyside respondents admitting to cancelling social plans to enjoy time alone in the comfort of their own home.

What’s more, a quarter of Merseyside residents admitted to taking annual leave at least once a year to simply enjoy their own company.

When asked what they think makes a house a home, one person wrote, “family and love for each other.” Whereas another answered, “all the personal knick knacks and pictures that makes my house homely.”

Residents living in St Helens were the most likely in Merseyside to have a room to themselves, with over half having a room away from family members. This is compared to just 20% in the surrounding boroughs who claimed to have their own space.

The survey also found that those living in Knowsley desired a sunroom, whilst Liverpool homeowners fancied a walk in wardrobe, and Wirral residents wanted a craft room in their dream homes.

When it came to travelling, St Helens respondents were the most likely to miss their own bed, with over 88% admitting to this compared to 75% in Liverpool, Sefton and the Wirral.

Finally, 38% of Merseyside respondents agreed that the nicest thing about coming home from holiday is seeing their beloved pets.

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*Survey of 1,500 North West homeowners by Countryside, August 2016

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