As an existing homeowner you may wish to take advantage of our Part-Exchange scheme which makes moving home much less stressful. Part-Exchange is popular with our customers because it reduces the costs of moving and removes uncertainty.

Some of the main causes of moving related stresses are the uncertainty of selling, dealing with estate agents, negotiating with buyers and making a home ready for new occupants. However, by choosing our Part-Exchange Scheme you could ease some of the pressures and make the process of moving home much less stressful.

How it works:

• A fair market value price paid to you with no catches – sometimes up to 110% of valuation.
• We will negotiate a deal with you to buy your property based around the valuations of an independent chartered surveyor and estate agents.
• You are selling direct to us so you will have no estate agent’s fees to pay*.
• Although you have sold your home to us, you remain in it until it is time to move into your brand new home, even if we have found a buyer before your new home is ready!
• Your previous house becomes ours, so any problems of selling chains are ours and not yours.
• You move even if we have not sold your home.
• A dedicated Part-Exchange team will explain and help you through the whole process.

Part-Exchange is available at selected properties and subject to terms and conditions.

*Management fees (where appropriate) will be retained should the sale not proceed.